On the issues

#1: Protect and Fix Healthcare

Jim Gray will fight for all Kentuckians to have access to quality, affordable healthcare. The Affordable Care Act wasn’t perfect and needs to be improved, but we cannot go back to a time when the insurance companies called the shots and denied coverage for pre-existing conditions. There are bipartisan solutions to give families more options and keep costs down. Jim also believes women should continue to be in control of their healthcare decisions.

Opioids and other drugs are the modern plague that is bringing death and heartbreak to our families, friends, neighbors and affecting our communities as well. Too many lives have been lost to drug overdose, and it’s time for us to meet this crisis head-on. We must attack this issue from all sides, prevention, treatment and recovery, and attacking the supply. Substance abuse treatment and recovery is only possible through effective and ongoing care. Addiction is a disease, and we cannot treat this disease by putting those who are suffering in our already crowded prisons.

And Congress should either legalize medical marijuana for the entire country or get out of the way and let states decide how to regulate and tax cannabis. We have many critical care needs in this country, including treating opioid addiction and other serious ailments, and medical marijuana should be allowed for doctors to prescribe.

One party is controlling Washington today, and they’ve made their agenda perfectly clear: cut healthcare, give irresponsible tax breaks to their wealthy donors and further divide America.

Enough is enough. D.C. could use some adult supervision.

On May 22nd let’s nominate Democrat Jim Gray.

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Lexington, KY 40588