Growing up in small town Kentucky, Jim Gray’s first jobs were cutting tobacco on the family farm and swinging a hammer at one of his father’s construction sites.  It taught him there are no short cuts, but when you put in the work, you can do big things.

Because of his experience in business and as mayor, he understands that a job gives purpose and meaning to life, and outside of family, faith and health, a good job is one of the most important things in life.

That means our elected officials must focus on policies and programs that encourage job creation and opportunities to earn a better life, including: reducing income inequality  through fair tax reform focused on helping working families, supporting efforts to raise the minimum wage to a living wage and leveling the playing field through initiatives like equal pay for equal work and paid leave.

America also has to encourage and make investments in our infrastructure. High speed internet is the 21st century’s connection to the global economy – much like rivers in the 18th century and railroads in the 19th and interstate highways in the 20th. Without it, we’re left behind. We also have to get serious about rebuilding our nation’s roads, bridges, ports and other critical infrastructure. We’ve been talking and talking – it’s time to get it done.

Through his own work in business and public service Jim understands the importance of supporting local businesses – big and small – to expand their local and international business. That translates into supporting trade agreements that are fair and promote Kentucky businesses and workers in agriculture, manufacturing, service sectors and more.

He also knows how important it is to fight for competition by making sure corporate acquisitions and mergers are not creating more monopolies in American business. Big telecom has a terrible record with customers in Lexington – rate hikes, poor customer service and outright dissatisfaction. Jim has worked for years to find a competitor for high speed internet and cable TV service – and did so in 2017. Congress needs to take deliberate action so customers are not stuck with little to no competition and state and local governments have no control to fix the problems the lack of competition creates.

And finally, our immigration system should be reformed in a way that is tough, practical and compassionate. The United States is a nation of immigrants. Republicans in Washington used to agree with that.

Jim supports a bipartisan solution that would increase security on our borders and restore the rule of law while still championing America’s role as a melting pot where hard-working immigrants can contribute to the American economy.

He also believes that DREAMers should be protected. They were brought to this country as children, they know no other home.

One party is controlling Washington today, and they’ve made their agenda perfectly clear: cut healthcare, give irresponsible tax breaks to their wealthy donors and further divide America.

Enough is enough. D.C. could use some adult supervision.

On May 22nd let’s nominate Democrat Jim Gray.

PO Box 2136
Lexington, KY 40588