Social Security and Medicare are programs you, your families and your neighbors pay into, and Jim will fight any effort by Washington politicians to cut those programs. We made a promise to our nation’s seniors through social security, and we ought to keep that promise. And they shouldn’t have to live in fear they will lose their Medicare benefits.

Jim believes Americans should have the right to vote, but some states have taken steps to make it harder for minorities and lower income people to vote.1 We should stop creating barriers to voting and promote participation. He is committed to defending the country and our elections from terrorists and foreign adversaries that want to spread chaos and threaten our way of life.

It’s also critically important to put a stop to the practice of unfair gerrymandering, and he would support efforts to ensure that districts are drawn fairly and people are well represented.

Jim stands up for equality, believing that all men and women were created equal and they should be treated that way, with opportunity and dignity for everyone.

As mayor, he led by example. Not only is he openly gay, as mayor he also ensured that his administration included a diverse group of people proportional to the demographic make-up of Lexington, including more than half of the mayor’s administration’s appointees are women. Jim also appointed the city’s first black fire chief in 2011, the first female fire chief in 2016 and the city’s second black chief of police this year.

Additionally, Jim worked with community leaders and the police to create and fund the policy that requires body cameras for police officers with emphasis to build trust in the community.

And at a time when nearly everything is digital, Jim will support returning to Net Neutrality and protecting internet privacy. Big companies shouldn’t be able to charge you more based on what websites you visit, content you look at, or platform you’re utilizing, and they certainly shouldn’t be slowing down service or playing favorites. The internet should be free and open to everyone, and Jim will work to ensure that it is run in a safe and fair manner, without allowing telecom lobbyist sand companies to pull the strings.

One party is controlling Washington today, and they’ve made their agenda perfectly clear: cut healthcare, give irresponsible tax breaks to their wealthy donors and further divide America.

Enough is enough. D.C. could use some adult supervision.

On May 22nd let’s nominate Democrat Jim Gray.


1 –

PO Box 2136
Lexington, KY 40588