National Security: It is critical we have leaders in Washington who will defend America from her enemies and protect American sovereignty, especially at the ballot box.

The U.S. must not shrink from its responsibilities and obligations in securing a more peaceful and engaged world community. And as we create opportunity here at home, we must continue our leadership in creating greater economic opportunity abroad.

Jim believes in smart and strong diplomacy that can support and strengthen our alliances, from efforts to fight global terrorism to strengthening emerging democracies to building greater prosperity among the community of nations.

Our government has no greater responsibility than to protect our citizens. Jim believes it is essential that we continue to work with long-time allies and partners across the globe to present a unified front against international threats, most pressingly the dangers presented by international terrorism.

Domestically, we’ve witnessed a rise in mass shootings – including the recent school shootings. Jim believes that it’s insane that Washington isn’t treating this like the crisis it is. He says we have to get real about the responsibilities that come with our rights because this cycle of insanity, where the once unthinkable becomes acceptable, is not what Americans deserve. It won’t stop unless we stop it.

Jim also believes big corporate money in campaigns and politics is destroying our Democracy. Getting this cash out of politics is a top priority and he supports a constitutional amendment that would end the Supreme Court’s disastrous Citizens United ruling.

Term limits for Congress are needed because Jim knows Kentuckians are fed up with Washington and career politicians like Andy Barr. Lexington has term limits for Mayor and the City Council, and Jim has seen that it works first hand.

Jim will work to end violence against women. We have seen too many troubling and mixed messages from Washington about how we approach violence against women. Public policy in American too often fails to protect women. Laws need to change to ensure women feel safe and equal in the workplace and at home.

Sexual assault on and off college campuses is a serious public health and safety issue as is domestic violence. Locally, Jim has supported non-profit organizations that do so much good work, but Congress can step up and do more.

One party is controlling Washington today, and they’ve made their agenda perfectly clear: cut healthcare, give irresponsible tax breaks to their wealthy donors and further divide America.

Enough is enough. D.C. could use some adult supervision.

On May 22nd let’s nominate Democrat Jim Gray.

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Lexington, KY 40588