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#7: Beat Andy Barr and Send Some Adult Supervision to Washington

It’s time we send Washington and Wall Street a message: Andy Barr’s time is up; the people of Kentucky want their seat back.

Washington is broken. The nation is in crisis, and members of Congress are only worried about their donors and themselves. We can do better.

One party is controlling Washington today, and they’ve made their agenda perfectly clear: cut healthcare, give irresponsible tax breaks to their wealthy donors and further divide America.

Andy Barr lacks the courage to stand up for what’s right, and it’s time to send him packing.

It’s time for an independent Kentucky voice in Washington; a voice that stands up for Kentuckians and not special interests. Our leaders must have the guts to lead when evil rears its head – whether it’s sexism, racism, domestic violence or school shootings.

Enough is enough. D.C. could use some adult supervision.

Jim Gray’s experience and record of getting results put him in a unique position to win in November. Gray beat Rand Paul, an incumbent U.S. Senator, in our district in 2016. Jim earned 31,000 more votes than the last time a Democrat held this congressional seat in 2012, and Gray outperformed the 2012 and 2016 Democratic Presidential tickets by 41,000 votes.1 Jim did it with strong support in our counties, towns and cities across the district.

To win in 2018, it will take a candidate who cares about people and fights for policies that will get America back on track. But winning also requires local support, trust and a candidate who can earn the same strong support Jim Gray was able to achieve in 2016.

On May 22nd let’s nominate Democrat Jim Gray.


1 – https://elect.ky.gov/results/Pages/default.aspx


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